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Veteran Bench

Park Benches – Custom Designed

Memorial Benches, Business Benches and Veteran Benches

All benches are steel and powder coated

4 Foot - $1395, 6 Foot - $1595, 8 Foot - $2200, plus tax and shipping

Picnic Table

Picnic Tables/Frames

12 ga 1.66OD Galvanized $250 per frame or Painted – $210 per frame

Fire Rings

Fire rings

Fire Ring Flanged with attached Grill Rack 8” x 30” FR-FFR830 - $250

Fire rings

Fire Ring with adjustable grill rack 10” x 36” FR-AR1036

Fire rings

ADA Fire Ring with draft holes 24” x 30” – Contact us for Pricing.

Fire rings

Fire Rings without grill racks are available in various sizes – Contact us for Pricing.

Park Grills

Park Grills

Available with a base stand or a pole to put in the ground - $250

Hand Cranks

Firewood Bundlers – available in 10” x 10” or 12” x 12” bundle sizes

Hand Crank Manual - $1575 Electric - $2200

Price includes shipping in the U.S. – residential delivery is extra – must have a forklift to unload

Hand Crank Manual

Electric Bundler

Double Electric Bundler

Double Electric Bundler

Automated to allow one person to make 2 bundles at a time - $4800 Price does not include shipping

Firewood Vending machines

Firewood Vending Machines - Contact us for Pricing.

Self Service Firewood Vending Machine – accepts cash or credit card

Has 24 doors – 9’ 6”L x 70”H x 45” W - Contact us for Pricing.


Garbage Dumpsters – Front Load or Rear Load - Contact us for Pricing.

Bundled Firewood

Bundled Firewood – for gas stations, grocery stores or other locations - Contact us for Pricing.

Firewood delivery
Firewood delivery
Firewood delivery

Firewood Home Delivery - $155 for a face cord delivered.

Home Delivery

Inside the Kiln the effects of kiln drying

Custom Signs

Custom Signs – Metal Yard Art

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